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Greasestuck - In which the trolls and humans live together (or not so together, actually) in 1950's Earth-ish. John/Karkat, Dave/Terezi, Kanaya/Rose, others - PG-13 incomplete - prologue

The Meaning of a Lack of Pianos - John Egbert played the piano, but then he became a hero. John - PG oneshot



A Report on the Subject of Human Copulation - Or, Why Are People So Obsessed With Sex? Or even, The Mating Habits of Fictional Characters. USUK (and various) - PG-13 oneshot

That Tongue That Ever Sweet - In which the Revolutionary War ends happily. NO, this is not some alternate universe. USUK - PG-13 oneshot

Buttercream - In which England tries to bake and, typically, it doesn't work, so he has an emotional crisis. Secret Santa fill. USUK - PG oneshot


Lebensraum - In which many events of 1939 are recounted. Er, it's basically the same stuff as chapter 5 of the manga, only in a completely different way. Russia x Ukraine, but there's a REASON for that. Lots of historical name-dropping. RUSSIA/UKRAINE - PG oneshot

Katyn - WWII. The Katyn massacre – Russia killed about 22,000 Polish prisoners of war and then tried to cover it up by burying them in the forest outside of the town of Katyn. POLAND & RUSSIA - PG oneshot


Kornblume - In which there is much discussion of flowers and death. (Post-WWII!AU, character death) GERMANY & PRUSSIA - PG oneshot

Opus - In which Austria plays a song on the piano. The song is a metaphor for sex. Admit it, that just got you interested. But in a sweet way, you know? AUSTRIA/HUNGARY - PG-13 oneshot

Once - They were men, once. ENGLAND - PG-13 oneshot


What Happened - In which Izaya does something he doesn't really want to do, and certainly never meant to do. SHIZAYA - PG oneshot

Non-Stories - thoughts and things

Ego - You are not hot shit.

Misery - You've seen better days.

The Meaning of a Lack of Pianos

John Egbert played the piano.

He still can play the piano. It isn’t like he couldn’t play, if there was a piano to play on, but he’s pretty sure all the pianos are gone and there’s no time to work out alchemizing a whole piano when you’re being a friendleader.

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Greasestuck - prologue

Your name is John Egbert and you don’t talk to trolls.


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Now look:

They were men, once.

Not all together, not all at the same time, but each had once lived and done great things and as a reward they had become gods.

No, not gods, because gods moved on their own. Gods controlled men. To them, men were the gods, and they were the avatars of the gods. Golems. Created from mud (like all men, once long ago), but made to suffer in place of others.


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thoughts on writing
So I was rereading The Perils of Unexpected Visitors with a thought to finishing it up since it is Christmas again.

And I realized that I used to be so much more clever than I am now. Like, what happened to all my witty dialogue?

I think I'm getting better at pacing and characterization, but all my cleverness is gone...

And all the syntax tricks I used to use that I've stopped using because I feel like they're cheating - but they're so much fun to read, even if they're not good writing...

I dunno, I feel like I used to be a better writer than I am now :T


England was all out of butter.

He didn’t understand why he was out of butter, because he would have sworn that yesterday he had loads of the stuff sitting around. Too much of it, in fact. Oodles of butter. But now it was all gone.

This was a problem because he needed butter right now. He’d forgotten to check if he had any extra earlier – but he had had some, he would have sworn he did – and now he was supposed to be making buttercream frosting to go on the biscuits for America and how was he supposed to make buttercream frosting without butter and this was stupid anyway, why was he trying to make frosted biscuits for America at all, America surely wouldn’t eat them, but he’d hoped America would maybe be more likely to eat something he’d baked if it was smothered in sugar and fat but without any butter he’d just have plain old biscuits and that was useless and it was all going wrong, he never should have decided to do this in the first place, why on Earth did he ever think it was a good idea to bake for America’s Christmas gift?

Because he was an idiot, that was why. A jealous idiot.


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Oh hay guyz.

I'm waiting for a math team meet to start because i'm a nerd ohohohoho actually i hate math i don't know what i'm doing on this team. :I


I should blog on here more because i post too many text posts on tumblr
plus i want to join the cool artsy kids who post on livejournal accept meeee even though i'm not a cool artsy kid

You've seen better days, she says.

He knows it's true, and he takes another drag on his cigarette and blows the smoke in her face. So have you, honey.

You, honey, with the honey-blonde hair that used to come from the sun and nowadays comes from a bottle. With your hands and your hips and your tits showing the sag of a hundred cheap hotel rooms. Is that what you thought would happen, when you gave yourself away to a hundred cheap nights?

Her mouth (a mouth he'd kissed once upon a time) turns down at the corners. And you, with those cigarettes you look so sexy holding, or did those twenty years ago, hasn't the cheap-love, fast-love system ground you down too?

He shakes his head and drops his cigarette on the sidewalk. You've seen better days.

You are not hot shit, he said.

You walk like a king and talk like a queen, but you shouldn't hold your head up so high when you act like such a whore.

But hey -

Maybe if you look down on someone long enough, they'll stop bowing and scraping (eager to please just because you glanced their way) and realize they were taller than you all along.

That they should look down on you, honey.

And you should learn, he said, that honey dripping from poisoned words doesn't make those words any sweeter.

He said, turn down your nose.

We're all sick of looking up it anyway.
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What Happened

Izaya Orihara did not want to fall in love.

Love was interesting to watch, one of his favorite things, but ugh - just the thought of fawning over someone, giving things up for someone, gazing lovingly into someone's eyes made him want to take a long shower. Especially the gazing lovingly into someone's eyes. Sappiness was sort of pathetic. Izaya Orihara was not pathetic. Izaya Orihara did not want to fall in love.


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